Welcome to IGrav

Engaging people throughout the world in exploring the exciting field of gravitation


The mission of IGrav (the International Gravity Outreach Group) is to engage people throughout the world in exploring the exciting field of gravitation, and in particular gravitational-wave and multi-messenger astrophysics. IGrav will accomplish this mission through the creation, sharing and dissemination of a variety of educational and outreach materials.


The inaugural IGrav meeting was held in July 2019, following the Amaldi meeting in Valencia, Spain. IGrav brings together members of different collaborations and experiments from the broad field of gravity research. To learn how you can be more involved, please sign up for our mailing list at https://lists.igrav.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/igrav-announce.

Our next meeting will take place virtually on September 13-14, 2021. More information is available here.

IGrav working groups:

Formal Education & Evaluation 

The IGrav Formal Education & Evaluation working group gathers passionate physicists, educators, and teachers with a shared interest in formal education and evaluation of education and outreach efforts on topics of modern gravitation and gravitational waves. The group aims to create a platform to share existing resources, determine best practices, and promote formal education and evaluation efforts. 

Science Festivals 

The IGrav Science Festivals working group supports outreach activities by collecting and sharing resources and supporting and connecting members sharing gravity research through science festivals and events. The working group coordinates IGrav participation in global science festival events such as the World Science Festival. 

Art and Science

Multi-Messenger Astronomy 

The Multi-Messenger Astronomy working group is targeting educational and outreach activities and resources that link together gravitational physics (not exclusively gravitational waves), neutrino observatories and electromagnetic astronomy. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

Our working group strives to educate IGrav, the gravitational community and those we serve in our outreach efforts about the real issues inherent in STEM with regards to under-represented and under-served groups. We particularly strive to engage with members of the marginalized in order to best understand how IGrav can best serve their needs. We recognize that these groups are described in different ways across the globe and feel it is also important to educate our widespread communities about the diversity encompassed by the gravitational community. 

IGrav Governance


The Communications working group focuses on disseminating information both outside and inside of IGrav.  Internal communications will help IGrav working groups coordinate and share resources.  External communication methods include the IGrav website, which explains the mission of IGrav and how to become involved with the organization, as well as IGrav social media accounts, which will feature news and outreach materials generated by our working groups and associated scientists.  We are especially interested in using our diverse international membership to teach the public about the wide variety of activities in gravitational science, including multi-messenger astronomy, which may not be adequately promoted by current outreach efforts. 


Upcoming: IGRAV 2021 Meeting, September 13-14, 2021